Colour-Fit System

Colour-Fit was designed to simplify the main goals of sports nutrition -performance, health and body composition. Colour-Fit Charts use colours and icons to categorise meals into proportions of Fuel, Lean Muscle and Health foods. The names, icons and colours, make selecting suitable meals simple – in essence “you are what you eat”.

  • To Fuel hard training or competition performance with carbs, look for Green and . When training is lighter, lessen Fuel to prioritise Health and Body Composition.
  • To be Lean or repair / gain Muscle through proteins, look for Red & .
  • To improve Health through vitamins, minerals & good fats, look for Gold & .

Colour-Fit Charts mean athletes can quickly find suitable meals. Also, meals are tagged into different types (Breakfast, Lunch/ Dinner, Sides, Meal Prep, Snacks & Smoothies) and different goals (Performance, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain and Health) for ease of reference. All meals have been analysed using the gold standard Nutritics software.

Choosing a suitable meal is only half the battle. The real challenge is having the practical skills to cook meals. Colour-Fit simplifies meal prep with concise videos demonstrating how to make each meal, so even cooking novices will be confident.

Most diets fail over the long-term because they are complex, rigid, impractical and often eliminate a nutrient the body needs. Colour-Fit provides a simplistic, practical, comprehensive and convenient nutritional resource. Colour-Fit’s adaptability to varying nutritional goals and training circumstances, mean it will produce performance, body composition and health results over the long-term.